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February 27, 2018

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Smart Tech - A Case of Life Made Simpler?

March 18, 2019

Undeniably, technology has improved tenfold over the years from computers the size of a whole room transformed into more powerful laptops – some of which weighing less than 1kg! We’ve almost completely waved goodbye to wired products like corded telephones and wireless technology is surging in efficiency. As tech has become more advanced, we’ve seen it weave its way into everyday life and slowly integrate its way into our homes.

Putting aside more obvious pieces of tech like computers, smartphones and tablets, what other interesting devices are available on the market – in particular smart home?




The release of the Echo (Amazon) and Home (Google) has made daily life that much easier. These devices include an always-listening interactive voice assistant to answer your questions, set reminders, play music etc, all without you having to press any buttons!

While the most basic models will do all of these functions and more, each model relative to price will include extra features. For example, the cheapest model will still contain the interactive feature but will have the smallest speaker out of all the models, so the sound quality is poorer. The more expensive models have more to offer, including larger speakers for intensified sound and/or a screen to display visual content such as Skype, cooking recipes etc. The range of models allows you to find the right one to suit your needs without paying more than you need.


The Echo/Home are also compatible with other smart home devices such as the Philips Hue lighting, Hive heating and many others. If you are looking to connect these with your Echo/Home it is worth noting that they will require something known as ‘bridges’ to connect and control by voice. The other option is purchasing a device with a built-in hub already such as the Amazon Echo Plus, which holds hundreds of bridges so you don’t have to buy each individually.


Smart Plugs

As mentioned above, Echo/Home can be paired with numerous other smart home devices, smart plugs being another. This magical smart plug allows you to control the device plugged into it without needing to be there physically. Left the iron on at home? Not a problem, use the Echo/Home app on your smartphone to turn it off. No one home and want to make it look as though someone is in? Turn on your lamp from wherever you are by using the app – genius!


Ring Doorbell

The other, sleek security alternative to CCTV. Using a camera that detects movement, you’ll receive notifications to your smartphone, tablet etc of anyone who is at the door (but you can also mute them should you need to). You’re also able to communicate with people via the doorbell, so if the postman comes to deliver a package and you’re not in, no worries, you can ask him to leave the parcel elsewhere!


Amazon Fire TV Stick

Smart TVs are still a relatively new concept and it’s understandable that many of us still have perfectly functional standard TVs we are unwilling to part with. Amazon have created a great solution to this problem – a stick that makes a standard TV smart! With the Fire TV Stick, you’re able to stream content that a smart TV could including Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube and more but for the attractive price of £40 rather than £240 for a new TV!


Yale Keyless Door Lock

Always losing your keys? Forget your keys? Maybe just say goodbye to keys altogether! 

With this clever device you can open your door via key card, PIN code, key tag or even from your smartphone covering up to 20 people. Additionally, the built-in tamper alarm gives you peace of mind knowing that you’re secure in your home. Perfect for those who are always losing things!



If you like smart tech then you should have a smart search for your next job opportunity – contact Ashmore Stark to start your search today!

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